Plantable Eco friendly pens

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Plantable eco-friendly pens are innovative writing instruments designed with sustainability in mind. These pens are crafted from biodegradable materials such as recycled paper, cornstarch, or bamboo, making them a planet-friendly alternative to traditional plastic pens. What sets them apart is their unique feature: the end of each pen contains a biodegradable seed capsule. Once the pen is no longer usable, you can plant it in soil, and with proper care, the capsule will sprout into a variety of herbs, flowers, or vegetables, depending on the seed type. This concept promotes sustainability and encourages people to engage with nature even in urban settings, making these pens an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals and businesses seeking to reduce their environmental impact.

Some of the key features of  Plantable eco-friendly pens are as follows:-

  1. Eco Friendly
  2. Plantable
  3. Made of recycled Paper
  4. Writes smoothly
  5. Plastic free
  6. Long Lasting with a perfect grip

Usage:- Stationery, School, college, office use, writing, gifting



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