Who are we?

Greenica Dreams is that socially responsible Indian concern which has taken oathtowards the betterment of the society by eradicating plastic waste and moving towards amore sustainable living. It is working hand in hand with nature with a vision of plastic freewaste. Since, our country roots back to a great ayurvedic history of its own and has beenclose to nature.

Greenica Dreams, is a concern incorporated in March 2022, with qualified and professional team providing a wide range of products with the quality to reach your expectations. Greenica Dreams as the name suggests it is our dream to make Earth more greener andpollution free to live in.

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Our Story

In a world where consumption often outpaces conservation, our story begins with a different narrative—one of mindfulness, responsibility, and love for the planet.

At Greenica Dreams, our journey is rooted in a deep respect for Mother Earth. It all started with a dream, a dream to create a space where individuals could shop for products that not only enhance their lives but also contribute to the well-being of our fragile planet.

Our founder, Umesh Gupta, was inspired by a simple yet profound truth: that every choice we make has an impact. Armed with this conviction, Umesh Gupta embarked on a mission to curate a collection of eco-friendly and organic products that would empower our customers to make choices aligned with their values.

The journey was not easy, but it was driven by passion and purpose. We scoured the world for partners who shared our commitment to sustainability, building relationships with local farmers, artisans, and suppliers who embrace environmentally responsible practices.


Our product selection is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability. From organic produce that nourishes your body to eco-conscious household goods that reduce waste, each item we offer tells a story of responsible production, thoughtful sourcing, and a commitment to a better future.

Live simply, so others may simply live." -
mahatma Gandhi
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